Art Itineraries

Unique within the industry, ACFA arranges for exclusive art itineraries in the art capitals of India and the Subcontinent, sharing with clients the experience of visiting artists’ studios, galleries, museums, private collections, local art fairs, and biennales. We arrange rare visits with artists across generations, both established and emerging, offering an insider’s view of this dynamic and ever-evolving art scene.

Collection Advisory

ACFA offers collection advisory to both young and seasoned collectors, looking to build or expand collections of art from India and the Subcontinent. Our strategic and curatorial guidance on collection building is informed by each collector’s aesthetic vision and ambitions. In this vast developing market, we guide collectors towards areas of good value opportunities and areas of caution, where values are inflated.


ACFA conducts due diligence and market analysis prior to all acquisitions. Delivering quality assessment, we source rare works of art and research provenance. We negotiate acquisitions on behalf of our clients and monitor post-acquisition logistics such as shipping, condition reports, and certificates of authenticity.

Collection Management

ACFA offers a comprehensive range of collection management services, extending from logistical to administrative advice. We deliver valuations for insurance and current market value purposes, and arrange museum and exhibition loans. Drawing on an extensive network of fine art professionals, ACFA advises on conservation, framing, installation, and storage.

Ancillary Services

We deliver strategic counsel to artists from India and the Subcontinent, aimed at fulfilling their career goals.

We consult with galleries from the region to support them in meeting the highest international standards in all areas of the business.

We provide in-depth knowledge and project management services in all areas of research to curators and institutional collectors, seeking privileged access to the region.